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'Developing artistic needs'

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Early Learning music
FretKids Music Program is aimed at children in the age bracket of 4+

It is designed to develop skills in areas such:
Motor skills
Rhythmic knowledge
Aural skills
Instrument and note recognition
Music theory
Instrumental skill

Through the program the child will receive:

The foundations of music knowledge to prepare them for further education and private tuition.
Classes benefit early development in the areas of Maths and English.
An increased appreciation of music
Insight into instrument preference
How do we do it?
Through fun and exciting games that are designed to engage the child

Repetition and review

Reward and Praise

Individualized lessons with a combination of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic teaching methods to involve the child on a higher level.

Short 30minute sessions to maximize effectiveness.

"At FretKids we understand that all children are different and will learn at different stages, at their own pace.

We believe a child should never be pushed and pressured into learning as they will show more enthusiasm if they are having fun."

- Andrew Fisher
Kids Guitar
Early learning music

Music games for those 'screen times'

Music creates different moods can you match them?

Great little exercise to start recognising slight differences in melodies

Great intro the different sounds of instruments

Great colorful rhythm mimicking game

Pitch recoginiton game, is it going higher or lower?

Another music pitch matching game

Making music with cave sounds

Great easy to use music composer for kids that know a little about 4/4 timing.F

Activity sheets


Fun facts, word search/dot to dot

Christmas activity sheets