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'Developing artistic needs'

"Andrew has been teaching my son how to play the guitar for a number of months. In that time I have seen a great improvement in my sons musical ability and understanding.

I believe that Andrew's experience enables him to adapt to his students abilities, and along with his friendly manner, diversity of teaching methods and habitual encouragement he continues to achieve great results.

As a parent I have been informed and involved within my sons lessons, this has enabled me to support my son between and during his lessons."

Sarah Taylor

"Andrew is a incredible guitar player, more importantly is a fantastic teacher who has a real interest in students developing their ability"

Nathan Heinze

"I have been a guitar student of Andrews for close to 4 months now. I thought I'd give it a shot for a month to see how I would go but now I know it and it is something I want to learn and do for a very long time.

During this period of learning I was very suprised on how quickly I learnt the riffs and the chords of the guitar. I'm learning song now which have even suprised myself and friends. I am very proud of myself.

This is all thanks to Andrew who has shown me and taught me the basics of playing guitar and he has guided me with his teachings of theory and reading music.

All this has kept me very interested in learning how to play some songs which I have always loved and now I will keep learning the guitar with Andrew on my side."

Kon Patrinos